Apr. 22nd, 2017



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Bio under construction

Great Grandparents: Eric (ex cook) & Elaine Johnson (ex head waitress)
Grandparents: Nancy (ex waitress) - Trenton Meers (married 1955)

Aunts and Uncles
Sarah - b. 1958
Brooke - b. 1962
Andrea - b. 1963
Michael - b. 1966
Quinn - b. 1968
Jerry - b. 1970

Parents: 2nd born: Harold - b. 1960 - d. and Andrea Meers (Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey)
Siblings: Sister (1980)

b. 1985; 32) - began waitressing at 15
Children: 15 year old daughter (b. 2002)

2017, both Nancy and Trenton have been gone for a few years. Their fifteen grandchildren receive a summons to see the family attorney. The existence of the diner is revealed to them and they face a choice together. The lawsuit is all wrapped up, and they have inherited five million dollars to share. After some debate, they decided to restore and reopen the diner, carrying on the family name together.

Nancy's Diner is now a 24/7 '50s style diner, located right on Route 66. There is free WiFi for customers. They serve old-school Americana food - burgers, fries, milkshakes, etc. With a few modern menu items to go along with it.

Lost Americana is a GPSL centered around the ongoing daily life of Nancy's Diner, the co-owners, and the staff.